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Yo, Shatner – Bring It!

This past weekend the hubby and I went to go see William Shatner at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center.  Once I have another spare moment I will write about the show itself, but today I would like to focus on the newest edition to our household.  Once some of our friends learned that we held tickets to go see The Shat, these anonymous persons snuck up  to our door the night prior to the show and left us a little present…

Yo, Shatner - Bring It!

Yo, Shatner – Bring It!

Due to security and our inability to smuggle a gnome into the Shatner show, poor Gnomie Jr had to wait in the car while we enjoyed the show.  I’m sure his rivalry with Priceline Shatner drove him stir crazy while he was stuck in the car that night, so the next day we had to do something about it!  In the true spirit of Travelocity gnome and all of his followers, I give you…

The Wondrous Adventure Day of Gnomie Jr




Christmas Ripley

Christmas Ripley

Merry Christmas from Warrant Officer Ripley! ♥

I hope none of you get a gift from a facehugger…

Photo by Brian J Matis, Happy Holidays edit by Lauren

Friday Food Porn: Maine Lobster Meets California Cow and Paso Fowl

Maine Lobster with Fran

Maine Lobster with Fran

My good friends Rick and Fran were kind enough to invite me to partake in a feast of Maine Lobster that had just been imported from… well Maine!


Food Friday Haikus (from Thursday’s lazy dinner): A Feast For Your Eyes

IMG_0771 copy

We started with wine

Roussanne, Eberle ’06

A lead up to food



Food Porn Friday: Star Wars Featurette

I decided to do a little photo-feature on some of the foods that I sampled yesterday from my Star Wars Cookbook (and other galactic recipes). They were so tasty that even Jabba would be jealous! Now excuse me while I pop out to Dagobah and do some push-ups with a Yoda backpack to burn off those calories…

Food Porn Friday: Star Wars Featurette

Pages featured from “The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes” by Robin Davis

Whovian Knitters Saved!

Left: Tom Baker, image copyright BBC
Right: Lauren as the Doctor – photo by Brian J. Matis

About three years ago I started the biggest knitting endeavor known to geeks: the Doctor Who scarf.  This 12 foot, 7 color, all wool tasseled scarf made its first appearance in “Robot” in 1974 when a poor knitter who was friends with the costume designer was handed an armful of yarn and asked to knit a scarf.  What no one had anticipated was that A) Begonia Pope was a knitter with ninja-like crafting speed, and B) she would use ALL OF THE YARN to make a scarf for our fourth Doctor.  This resulted in the original scarf starting out 20 feet long, but the extra footage did not make it far with Baker’s stunts and shenanigans.  It was altered to the beloved 12 foot scarf that holds a special place in every Whovian’s heart today after its big break back in ’74.

Once it became one of the most notable costume pieces in Doctor Who history it also became an integral part of Gallifreyan costuming, especially at conventions.  And when this happened geeks and cosplayers all over the world exclaimed “but, but, I can’t knit!  How do I get this awesome costume piece?” And thus every Whovian Knitter was bombarded with tear-filled requests to make these dreams come true.  What many people don’t seem to realize is the time and effort that go into undertaking is such a huge and daunting project.  Sure, it’s just like knitting a bunch of scarves… just all at once… but let’s face it, geeks everywhere would notice if you didn’t use the right shade of  colors, altered the pattern, or even wrong yarn materials!  And thus, a certain level of blood, sweat, tears, detail and concentration is required for the construction of this crafting monstrosity. (more…)

Return of the Forgotten Holiday: Pornstar Edition

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to turn it to one of the best yet perhaps most forgotten holidays of the year: Thanksgiving.  Yes we all remember it now while our stomachs are still distended from stuffing our faces the previous day and night, but today also marks the start of the official holiday season.  Let’s be honest though, we shouldn’t even be calling it the holidays.  It’s the Christmas season, though not necessarily “Christmas” as in anything remotely related to religion.  The Christmas season, especially here in California, has become synonymous with buy-lots-of-stuff-and-pretend-we-live-where-it-snows season.  Not only that, but each year it creeps earlier and earlier and has done so enough times that it has all but wiped Thanksgiving out completely!  Tuesday Morning Quarterback refers to this phenomenon as the Christmas Creep. He recounts that “not long ago, Christmas creep occurred on any observations or decorations before Thanksgiving. Now, holding off on Christmas kitsch until Halloween ends is viewed as incredible restraint.” -Gregg Easterbrook, TMQ