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Yo, Shatner – Bring It!

This past weekend the hubby and I went to go see William Shatner at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center.  Once I have another spare moment I will write about the show itself, but today I would like to focus on the newest edition to our household.  Once some of our friends learned that we held tickets to go see The Shat, these anonymous persons snuck up  to our door the night prior to the show and left us a little present…

Yo, Shatner - Bring It!

Yo, Shatner – Bring It!

Due to security and our inability to smuggle a gnome into the Shatner show, poor Gnomie Jr had to wait in the car while we enjoyed the show.  I’m sure his rivalry with Priceline Shatner drove him stir crazy while he was stuck in the car that night, so the next day we had to do something about it!  In the true spirit of Travelocity gnome and all of his followers, I give you…

The Wondrous Adventure Day of Gnomie Jr



A Confession

Dusty KeysLike many of you, I too started the new year with renewed inspiration and tackled my goals with a vigor that was slightly lacking towards the end of the year.  One of those goals that I had been working on, and continue to do so, is writing.

But, but, you haven’t posted anything all year!

Yes yes, I know, and that’s where this confession comes in.  Part of my blogging endeavor was initially created to put myself on a writing schedule, to have timelines that I had to stick to, and to keep my fingers from gathering dust.  I’m here to tell you that even though I’ve been trolling the internet with little to no presence, I have not given up my New Year’s goal.

I hesitate to say “resolution” because it’s so finite, so easy to fail.  A goal is something to aspire to, something that is obtainable, so different than the typical resolutions that we all commit to at the end of December and then let fizzle out as the new year progresses.

To the untrained eye, it seems as though I have failed in my writing goal for the new year.  Much to the contrary, I’ve been creating something of a storm on my laptop, living room, and even local coffee shops with the flurries of keystrokes that have been going on!  Even though the blog has been quiet, it’s the eye before the storm of literary creation.

The Archivist

If you missed one of the previous posts, To Boldly Go, I am running a comedy LARP next month at DunDraCon up in San Ramon, California.  The story creation and character writing has been going swimmingly.  So swimmingly, in fact, that I’m slightly disappointed to have only slotted 16 characters in the game!  Though unlike some beloved Mutant Sagas that have been going on for years, I will try my darndest to keep within the limits of character creation for this game.  Next one?  I will in all likelihood add a good number of characters to the game list.

So while my presence on the internet may be slightly less active, fear not!  I am, and will continue to use my creative powers for good.  Keep an eye out for less frequent posts, writing updates, and photo shenanigans…


LARPing: To Boldly Go…

Captain’s log: Stardate 40247.3

At the edge of the Alpha Quadrant, we’ve picked up a distress beacon coming from a nearby M-Class planet.  We initially proceeded with a routine rescue response until our science officer discovered it was not only a beacon of Starfleet design, but it was 17 years old!  Could it be? The lost away team of the USS Krofft?  We would have to send out the away team for these pour souls that Starfleet has waited 17 years for… and bring those people home!

A Star Trek/70s SciFi LARP for 16 people.





Voltaire – photo by Alas Vera, featured on http://www.voltaire.net

You may or may not know, but the incredibly talented Aurelio Voltaire has recently come out with his latest album: Bi-Trektual.  Until recently, I was in the grouping of people who “did not know” that this highly entertaining album was even in the works.  For any of you who are unfamiliar with Voltaire’s work but are familiar with the Burlesque show that we recently put on, my solo number was to Voltaire’s “When You’re Evil,” a dark cabaret style piece with almost a gypsy feel at times.  Back to the geek side though, his newest album Bi-Trektual is a hilarious compilation of songs mainly comparing and combining Star Wars and Star Trek, but also include other fun little references to other sci-fi series and movies as well.

As usual, the whole album is a fantastic mix of quality music, raunchy and infectious lyrics, and also this time incorporates any geek’s wet dream of being able to connect with everything Trek and Wars related.  It has so many moments of “OMG-SO-TRUE!” shout outs for sci-fi fans that I stopped counting after the second track.  It combined these so well, in fact, that it caused my non-Trekkie fiance, Joe, to crack a smile and even stifle a snort on more than one occasion when I subjected him to the first listen of the album.

I decided to download the digital copy because I couldn’t stand to wait for the physical copy to come in the mail, but would highly recommend purchasing this album if you haven’t already.  The physical CD is already on my Xmas list even though I own the digital copy, if for nothing else than the fantastic album artwork.  If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the track list below and see if you still have any reservations!

Buy it on Amazon!                                            Check out Voltaire’s Page!


Jessi Belle McGraven: Dissonant Belle of the South

When you hear the phrase “Southern Belle,” the first things that come to mind are ruffled bustling skirts and fancy dresses, decadent home-cooked sweets, unrivaled hospitality, and an accent that could swoon the pants off of the Grinch himself… if he wore any to begin with.  Hey, it’s not a perfect analogy!  Green-furred villain wardrobe details aside, southern belles are what shape and move much of the south in the mid-late 1800′s and have a very specific and rigid image to maintain.  So when the image of Jessi Belle McGraven, my newest gaming character, began to form in my mind from bits and pieces of belle imagery coalescing like smoke from a forgotten cigar I couldn’t help but pull ideas from modern media as well.  The most obvious choice that stuck out like the scheming card shark that she is was Annabelle Bransford, queen of the tables in the 1994 motion picture Maverick.  She holds the perfect southern belle balance of refined etiquette, innocent yet maddening flirtations, and classic beauty… and then uses it all as a front to hide her scheming, thieving, and greedy ulterior motives to amass wealth wherever possible.  She was perfect. Now that I had a solid and devilish idea of how I wanted to shape my newly brewed character, I had to think of how to insert her into the harrowed and twisted world of the Weird West that is the host to Deadlands: Savage Worlds.

Image copyright Pinnacle Entertainment Group, 2012. Used with permission. www.peginc.com

Image copyright Pinnacle Entertainment Group, 2012. Used with permission. http://www.peginc.com

Your Cure For the Mondays – Burlesque: A Day in the Life

Photo by Brian J. Matis
Photo by Brian J. Matis

Lauren and Baby Snake “Madness” – Photo by Brian J. Matis

I felt it fitting to start off and christen my new blog by writing a bit about a fantastic show that I was lucky enough to be a part of this past weekend.  This was SLO Tease‘s third of (hopefully) many Burlesque shows to come and continues to have a massive impact on audience and performers alike, though often in very different respects.  For the audience it’s typically a mixture of seemingly endless anticipation, uncontrollable excitement, and being witness to mesmerizing moves, though not necessarily in that order.  Not to be confused with stripping, Burlesque focuses on the art of the tease, anticipation, and the leaves the question of “wow, what else?!” on the mind of the entire audience.  More often than not, it also tends to inspire a number of girls (and boys!) to come up after the show fervently asking how they can sign up to perform in the next one.  A fraction of the eager fresh meat potential performers commit to a future show, but those that do are always a fabulous addition!

Not so surprisingly, I was one of the fresh meat initiates after the first SLO Tease show and got to experience firsthand the fun and empowering transition from audience to troupe member.  As far as prior experience goes I had about 15+ years of musical training, but as you can imagine that does little to nothing in regards to choreographing a dance with the happy balance of incredibly seductive yet non-trampy.  Whenever I was at a loss, the troupe came to the rescue and helped in any way they could, even if that meant helping to dispel self conscious worries by enacting every school boy’s fantasy and comparing various body parts during rehearsals…  Keeping true to the “tease” of burlesque I’ll let you interpret that as you will.