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Return of the Forgotten Holiday: Pornstar Edition

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to turn it to one of the best yet perhaps most forgotten holidays of the year: Thanksgiving.  Yes we all remember it now while our stomachs are still distended from stuffing our faces the previous day and night, but today also marks the start of the official holiday season.  Let’s be honest though, we shouldn’t even be calling it the holidays.  It’s the Christmas season, though not necessarily “Christmas” as in anything remotely related to religion.  The Christmas season, especially here in California, has become synonymous with buy-lots-of-stuff-and-pretend-we-live-where-it-snows season.  Not only that, but each year it creeps earlier and earlier and has done so enough times that it has all but wiped Thanksgiving out completely!  Tuesday Morning Quarterback refers to this phenomenon as the Christmas Creep. He recounts that “not long ago, Christmas creep occurred on any observations or decorations before Thanksgiving. Now, holding off on Christmas kitsch until Halloween ends is viewed as incredible restraint.” -Gregg Easterbrook, TMQ