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Fantasy Football Fail

The Bad News

So this year I really dropped the ball in fantasy football and half forgot, half acquired apathy for trades and the waiver wire in our league.  As a result, my team regularly had injured players, second string players, or players who were just plain bad.  That being said, our league consisted of 16 people, which guaranteed you were going to have at least one player who was lacking.

Even though I had a legitimate reason to have some sub-par players, I really have no excuse for playing 16 out of 16.  Joe (my other half) and I actually battled for last place… or as it’s called in The League, “The Sacko.”  I am now the ashamed proud holder of the Sacko Award.

Now yesterday I was driving in to work and heard Daniel Powter’s “Had a Bad Day” on the radio and immediately thought of the NFL Fantasy Football commercial that has been around and playing for at least a year or two.  I realized that I would never be able to listen to that song the same way again and will forever think of this commercial:

The Better News

At least I didn’t go 0 and 14… My heart goes out to “One Giant Step” in that commercial, poor fellow! And I had a new found drive to do well during the next season.

This year really made me realize that I need to step it up next year, especially if I want  to at least beat Joe and give someone else The Sacko Award.  As a sober reminder, I made a picture that will assuredly be my desktop background during fantasy football season next year.  Go Skins!

The WAAAAGHShington Greenskins have seen better days.... maybe if they had painted it red...

The WAAAAGHShington Greenskins have seen better days…. maybe if they just played Blood Bowl instead…


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