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The Night Before End Times

‘Twas the night before End Times
And all through the city
No sane man was fearful
Not even a bitty.

The work keys were hung
On the key rack with care
In hopes that the End Times
Meant they would stay there.

The dogs and the cats
Were all curled in our beds
While we tossed and we turned,
With paws poking our heads.

And just as we started
To doze off to sleep,
From our furry friends,
We heard not a peep.

When out in the road
We heard such a squeal
Of tires on pavement,
And a crunch we could feel.

We sprung from the sheets
And crept to the blinds
To peek through and see
What we had pictured in our minds

The blood moon did shine
Upon the metal and glass
That lay upon the asphalt,
And was strewn upon the grass.

But figures were moving
Weaving in, weaving out,
Some faster than others,
And finally came shouts

“Oh god call the cops!”
“No, an ambulance first!”
Another shout muffled,
And another just cursed

Through the blinds we saw movement,
A jump and shuffle
Then more muffled shouting,
And a half hearted scuffle

Then at once all was silent,
With some flickering light
Where the moon hit a surface
Among the wreckage within sight.

But what of the people?
Where did they all go?
Were we the only ones watching?
The only people to know?

We mustered our courage
And gathered our jackets,
To brave the harsh night
And see what stopped the racket.

Some neighbors had joined us,
Just as groggy as we,
And joined in the slow march
towards the road to go see.

As we neared as a group
We first heard the moans
Of those who were injured
And then came the groans

A hand shot straight up
Then slapped down with a thud
We saw its wheezing face
Covered with glistening blood.

In a flash then we realized
That it didn’t need saving
And in horror we saw
In its eyes was a craving

But before such a warning
Could be shouted in time
Our poor nearing neighbor
Was the first victim in line

The crazed thing grabbed on
With an inhuman strength
And dragged the girl down
Under its own sickly stench

It was then that I noticed,
And in terror did whirl,
That the rest of the bodies
In the wreckage did stir

Their faces were twisted,
Their eyes dead and foggy
They shambled towards us
As though they were soggy

And as if what we’d seen
Weren’t enough for alarm,
As we scampered away,
Far from the groaning swarm,

I heard them proclaim,
Like a chorus of death:

Zombie Santa

Merry Christmas and Happy “End Times!”

From Lauren


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