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Voltaire – photo by Alas Vera, featured on http://www.voltaire.net

You may or may not know, but the incredibly talented Aurelio Voltaire has recently come out with his latest album: Bi-Trektual.  Until recently, I was in the grouping of people who “did not know” that this highly entertaining album was even in the works.  For any of you who are unfamiliar with Voltaire’s work but are familiar with the Burlesque show that we recently put on, my solo number was to Voltaire’s “When You’re Evil,” a dark cabaret style piece with almost a gypsy feel at times.  Back to the geek side though, his newest album Bi-Trektual is a hilarious compilation of songs mainly comparing and combining Star Wars and Star Trek, but also include other fun little references to other sci-fi series and movies as well.

As usual, the whole album is a fantastic mix of quality music, raunchy and infectious lyrics, and also this time incorporates any geek’s wet dream of being able to connect with everything Trek and Wars related.  It has so many moments of “OMG-SO-TRUE!” shout outs for sci-fi fans that I stopped counting after the second track.  It combined these so well, in fact, that it caused my non-Trekkie fiance, Joe, to crack a smile and even stifle a snort on more than one occasion when I subjected him to the first listen of the album.

I decided to download the digital copy because I couldn’t stand to wait for the physical copy to come in the mail, but would highly recommend purchasing this album if you haven’t already.  The physical CD is already on my Xmas list even though I own the digital copy, if for nothing else than the fantastic album artwork.  If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the track list below and see if you still have any reservations!

Buy it on Amazon!                                            Check out Voltaire’s Page!

BiTrektual Cover Art

Image copyright Aurelio Voltaire 2012 http://www.voltaire.net


  1. Bi-Trektual (feat. Jason Charles Miller) – A great intro that features mainly Trek and Wars but puts a couple references in there to incorporate other sci-fi geeks into the mix as well!
  2. The Trouble (feat. Tribbles) – I won’t go into the details on what trouble with tribbles this song addresses, but being NSFW it should be enjoyed in the comfort (and privacy!) of your own home
  3. Screw the Ocampa – A shout out to that Star Trek crew that none of us envy stuck out in the Delta Quadrant: Voyager.
  4. The Sexy Data Tango – As all of us should already know, sexy Data is “fully functional and anatomically correct.”
  5. The U.S.S. Make Shit Up – What does the Enterprise do when it’s in a bind?  We usually prefer to call it “techno-babble,” but Voltaire hits the nail on the head with this one
  6. Poopin’ on the Enterprise (a Monologue) – One of a handful of highly entertaining monologues that brings up the age-old question of where are the goddamn bathrooms? on Starfleet ships.
  7. Worf’s Revenge – An only appropriate followup to the previous monologue…
  8. Yoda (a Monologue) – The second of the monologues that brings us back to our childhood and how Yoda has been with us for more than just Star Wars.
  9. Cantina – All anyone ever wants in space is a place to go and get a nice fruity blended drink, right?
  10. Damn You, George Lucas (a Monologue) – George Lucas: bringing questions of logic and disappointment to kids of all ages!
  11. Docking Bay 94 – Every rendezvous at the docking bay has a little bit of romance waiting behind those blast doors.
  12. It’s Bigger on the Inside – Also NSFW, the Doctor makes a special appearance tells us how you’ll know his TARDIS is bigger once inside!
  13. Expendable – a tribute to every Red Shirt who has made it out onto an away mission, never to return.  We all have a special place in our hearts for these poor souls.
  14. Bi-Trektual (feat. Robert Picardo) – Making up the back bookend of this fabulously fun album, we have an alternate recording of the intro track

As an avid Trekkie, Wars fan, and all around sci-fi aficionado, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this musical mash-up incorporating everything we love (and hate) about our beloved geek media.  I for one was surprised at the amount of detail put into the humorous lyrics in this album and it really puts on display how big of a geek Voltaire actually is.  Then again, the fact that we can recognize the little details that every geek prides themselves into recognizing should really tell us something about ourselves as well… I don’t know about you but this album has reenforced my belief that Trek and Wars can not only live side by side without warring, but also live together in harmony.  We just didn’t have a name for it until Voltaire gave it one, and I am proud to say that I am a Bi-Trektual!  Are you?


Image copyright Aurelio Voltaire 2012 http://www.voltaire.net


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